Lark Livingston grew up in Riverchase, and now she’s raising her own family here. With a firm foundation of old friends and family close by as well as a growing population of young people coming into the neighborhood, the Livingstons will be at home in Riverchase for years to come.

We asked Lark a few questions about living in Riverchase, and here’s what she had to say:

How did your family first wind up in Riverchase?

My family first moved to Riverchase in 2010. My husband is a physician at Shelby Baptist Medical Center, and Riverchase offered a short and convenient commute from a mature and established community with good schools and plentiful nearby amenities.

Riverchase was not a neighborhood we blindly stumbled upon, though – I grew up here. My parents still live here, as well as many of the families I have kept up with since childhood. The familiarity of the community and closeness of family was a factor, then, but we did our due diligence and house hunted all over Hoover and Pelham before deciding. We steered away from some of the newer neighborhoods after seeing the small lot sizes and dearth of trees. Having the Country Club as an integral part of the neighborhood drew us as well. There is not any through traffic in the neighborhood, and it has a good safety record.

What has kept you here?

Our first impressions of Riverchase being safe, convenient, close to family, and pretty to drive in and out of everyday have proved to be correct. My husband loves the easy access to golf, even if it’s just nine holes on a weekday summer evening. We love not having to leave the neighborhood for the pool or tennis.

The variety of housing in Riverchase accommodates the evolution of life and family. We loved our first Riverchase house, with its large, cathedral-ceilinged screened deck overlooking Baneberry Lake, but space became an issue once children number three and four came along. We were able to find a larger house to comfortably fit our six-person family within walking distance of our established friends and neighbors.

These friends and neighbors are probably most responsible for keeping us in Riverchase, though. We got to know many young families that moved into Riverchase around the same time we did. There are many great people who have lived in Riverchase for decades, but the influx of younger generations is readily apparent.

What is your favorite part of living in Riverchase?

If there were only one overarching positive to Riverchase, it would not be worth living in. Our favorite part is the package it offers of location, community, and scenery that many newer residential developments try to engineer and fabricate. In Riverchase, it is organic.